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About The Owner

Wedding photography is all about the beauty of a moment. The most beautiful moment could be at a flicker of a second, and a good photograph is always about keeping the moment from running away. At momentous photography, we are a hyper enthusiastic bunch of obsessively passionate people who are constantly listening with our eyes. We believe and surrender to the power of a good photograph.

A master of composition, lighting and timing makes Rajender Gulati stand tall in the professional photography circuit with an individual and exquisite style. He did B school from IMT Nagpur and have learned photography in Delhi, Mumbai and Berlin. He got trained and worked with MR. R. Karthik. His photographs in the areas of professional portrait shots, resort and lifestyle photography, product photography, food and beverage photography as well as candid wedding photography is receiving greater appreciation all over.


Professionalism is our bottom line and it is tinged with a passion so strong that every picture is a piece of art by itself. Our lenses are tuned to blend in with the ambience, understand your emotions, and capture all the candid moments that are so part of a fleeting reality. Rest assured, we would love to be a part of your wedding and wow you with colorful, jaw dropping pictures of moments that are truly yours. We will show you a world within yourself that you probably did not realize existed.


To be an exclusive memoir of your most special moments and an honest diary of your experiences. We aim to sincerely portray the people in the frame, their personalities, and what is happening on that special day in technically perfect and creatively pleasing compositions. Our images and films always have a strong emotional connection to those in it that the only reason they hire us.


Wedding Photography

All Weddings are a lovely romantic tale, irrespective of whether it is Love or arranged. A magical journey, rooting a critical episode of an individual’s life.

Commercial Photography

Commercial photography involves taking pictures for commercial use: for example in adverts, merchandising, and product placement.

Candid Photography

Your wedding is the milestone of your life and for those who are related to you so why not hire professionals to capture these magical moments.


We can get you something different for your wedding. A cinematic video of a wedding is a story telling film with a theme.

Pre Wedding Photography

Capture the first memories of a beautiful new journey, when the to-be husband and wife declare their commitment to each other.


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